The Nelson Company Safety Team

The Nelson Companies values the safety of our customers, employees and job sites and we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines.

Our commitment to safety is visible in everything we do, from inside our home office to each and every project. Safety is ingrained in our culture and our commitment to safety is demonstrated in our mandatory safety training, safety bulletins and jobsite safety audits. The Nelson Companies Safety Training Program follows all government guidelines and works with our employees to obtain OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification.

Our hard work has paid off! Our EMR rating has averaged .8 over the last 5 years. This demonstrates The Nelson Companies’ employee commitment to safety and provides added benefits to our customers:

• Safer Work Environment

• Less Employee downtime – saving job costs

• Added Confidence that Nelson is committed to safety!

Over 65 years of Insulation Excellence!

Nelson excels in all aspects of mechanical insulation for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.