Since its beginnings in light industrial and small plumbing jobs, Nelson Insulation has produced a large, diverse portfolio of work. Building on our relationships with our clients, we have grown to become the top large-project contractor in the State of Illinois.

Project types

Nelson is in its own class when it comes to commercial, multi-story residential and light industrial projects. Today’s demand keeps us focused on large commercial projects and specialty projects including Data Centers and projects that demand tough specifications and tight deadlines. We also provide ongoing service to many local hospitals, universities, museums and office/condo buildings through our service and maintenance division. Every job is unique and designed specifically to fit your insulation needs.

Actual Projects

Large Projects

Although we do both small and large jobs for our clients, our capabilities keep us at the forefront of projects that require a workforce that can be scaled up at a moment’s notice. Our vast experience in both new construction (core and shell, tenant build-out) and renovation retrofits makes us the choice of many of the area’s top contractors.

"We called Nelson when we needed to complete an extraordinarily difficult project within a tight timeframe. With a delivery date just 29 days away, staying on schedule required the coordination of pipefitters and insulators to stay ahead of the drywallers. That meant hiring a firm that had the capacity to bring in fifty to sixty people to meet our deadline.

I didn’t have to worry about whether the job would be done right and on time. The crews are self-directed, self-motivated and resourceful at resolving unexpected issues. Even with a couple of external disruptions, Nelson delivered a pristine installation of code compliant insulation and firestopping in just 22 days. That’s why they’ll continue to be at the top of our list."

Bruce Brazas, CFO

Edwards Engineering Inc.

Maintenance Accounts

Nelson is proud of its record in ongoing service and maintenance. We work hard to establish solid, long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and accountability. Some of our clients have been with us for decades. We think that’s because they can count on us to maintain the same high standards in everything we do.

"We’ve had a strong relationship with Nelson for twenty years. They give us great support in resolving maintenance issues, are proactive on the job, and have helped us with numerous emergencies. Because the Nelson crew integrates so well with both UIC staff and contractors, we have a cohesive team that operates smoothly, quickly and cost-effectively."

Mark Donovan, Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services

University of Illinois, Chicago

Specialty Projects

There is no greater challenge to us than a job that breaks the basic project mold.  Specialty projects are defined by extreme timeframes, unique obstacles and capabilities that only Nelson can offer. These are the jobs that test our limits and expand our competency beyond the ordinary.


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