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The ongoing benefits of mechanical insulation are undeniable.

Heating and cooling make up 70% of a building’s energy use.  One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to lower those operating costs is mechanical insulation. Better yet, the benefit is accelerated when accompanied by government subsidies and tax credits like those that are currently available.  If you haven’t yet had your gas usage audited, call us.

We’re N.E.A.T. We can help.

The Nelson Energy Audit Team

is focused on saving companies, hospitals and schools a fortune

in operating costs by locating and arresting the sources of energy loss in their commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

There is no better time to recoup the money you spend on gas every year!

Big Gas Rebates

Rebates average 50 – 90% of the cost of insulation needed to prevent energy loss.

Ongoing Cost savings

Cut gas costs significantly year over year and put the money into your business.


Recoup your investment in 2-3 years or less. The ongoing savings will fund growth for your company.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduce your CO2 emissions by millions of tons.  The impact of harmful CO2 emissions on the earth is stunning. Insulating one foot of 350ºpipe is equivalent to planting 46 trees; 1000 feet = 46,000 trees. By saving energy you also stop consuming the coal and oil used to generate it.

Climate control

Maintain comfortable working temperatures. Productivity is affected by employee discomfort. Help them and the bottom line at the same time.

Your annual gas savings + your
Big gas rebate = _____?

How much will you save?

Only N.E.A.T. can give you the answer.

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