Go Green with Nelson Insulation

Energy efficiency is a way of life in the insulation industry. A key component of that energy efficiency is mechanical insulation, where Nelson is an established leader.

Insulation has long been recognized as one of the most cost-effective methods of conserving our country’s valuable natural resources. But it’s even truer now that homeowners and commercial building managers can take advantage of new tax credits related to energy conservation.

Check these stats

Did you know that adding insulation to pipe can reduce energy costs and cut energy losses by up to 95 percent each? It’s true. What’s more, you’d have to plant 46 trees to achieve the same CO2 reduction as insulating just one foot of 350 degree pipe. With heating and cooling responsible for up to 70 percent of a building’s energy use, it takes only minutes to see the impact insulation can have on your bottom line.

Here’s how Nelson can make your projects more energy efficient.

• We provide free energy appraisals to evaluate mechanical rooms, commercial construction sites, future projects or existing buildings, and then generate an insulation evaluation and recommendation

• As experts in the Chicago Building & Energy Codes, we deliver value by engineering specifications that keep you compliant with energy and LEED* requirements

• We make 3E Plus Software available to all of our clients.

• We save you money by reducing heat loss and increasing efficiencies with hot equipment insulation solutions

N.E.A.T. (Nelson Energy Audit Team) will uncover huge opportunities for energy savings by performing a thorough evaluation of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and helping clients take advantage of subsidies and tax credits.

For energy code compliance and cost savings, nothing beats ‘going green’ with Nelson Insulation.

* Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


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