Nelson Insulation has been described as a company of “committed team players, dedicated industry professionals with strong technical backgrounds.” Our proven track record of on-time project delivery is a result of strategic thinking, detailed planning, careful resource utilization and effective supply chain management. But most of all it’s driven by our focus on meeting the needs of our clients.

Core services

When it comes to mechanical insulation requirements, Nelson Insulation brings decades of expertise and the manpower to get the job done on time.  Our fabrication shop streamlines the process by allowing parts to be pre-fabricated and sent to the site. Core services include:

• Pipe and Vent insulation

• Plumbing

Custom services

Since the world is not made entirely of basic plumbing and insulation projects, Nelson offers a long list of custom capabilities to address even the most unusual applications. For your protection we’re proactive about identifying the potential risks of an application and will strive to mitigate them. Custom services include:

• Metal jacketing (stainless and aluminum)

• PVC jacketing

• Foamglass (cold systems)

• VentureClad™ jacketing (zero-perm) (pipe and vent)

• Armaflex®

• Product innovation for specialty applications


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Solutions-based Consulting Services

Nelson also leverages its expertise in insulation for your benefit by providing a number of consulting and testing services. Consulting is performed by FM and DRI certified staff, and includes:

• Energy appraisals (cost savings, environmental impact, energy savings)

• Custom consulting (chilled water - condensation and mold)

• Value engineering (recommendations)

• Maintenance consulting (spec writing)

• Moisture testing

• Architectural consulting


• Risk Management


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